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security clearance expert

Did you know that the law entitles you to a free copy of your own federal background investigation?  Simply by sending a letter you will be provided with an inside look at your case file: who was interviewed – and what they said about you; what records were searched – and what they showed; and, other items like your investigative credit report.

You can research how to request this information on your own, but that can require hours of parsing through dry government publications. Fortunately, we’ve done all the work for you. Simply select the relevant agency(ies) below and receive an instant email containing attorney-drafted information request letter(s). Then, just fill-in the blanks and mail. Not sure who performed your investigation? Check below for the most common agencies.

Department of Defense employees and contractors can also purchase the letter necessary to request a copy of their Defense Information System for Security (DISS, formerly calledJPAS”) file – the central place where DOD keeps security clearance records, incident reports filed against clearance holders between background investigations, and any other derogatory information that could affect a clearance. Intelligence Agency employees and contractors can obtain this same information by purchasing the “Scattered Castles” file request letter.

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DCSA (formerly OPM): Most federal contractors, DOD civilians, military personnel, and employees of most non-IC agencies.

FBI: FBI employees and contractors, presidential appointees, and White House staff.

DHS: DHS offices and agencies. Exception: TSA, FEMA, USCIS, NPPD and USCG cases are handled by DCSA.

STATE: State Department employees and contractors; some overseas DoD contractors.

NOTE: These documents are not intended for emergency access to records.  The purchase of a digital download product does not establish an attorney-client relationship between the purchaser and Bigley Ranish, LLP or any of its attorneys.